My Bed Is Quite Spacious

It just goes on for miles…

Japanese extended bed 630x420  My Bed Is Quite Spacious

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Shall We Talk About The Elephant In The Room?

What more do you need? Pool table, sofa, elephant head…

elephant head pool table room  Shall We Talk About The Elephant In The Room?

Via Mel Yates

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Iconic Designs – Flower Power

flower power peace

The flower power movement started in the 60′s as a symbol for passive resistance and non-violent ideologies and was rooted in peoples opposition to the Vietnam War. It became synonymous with hippies and images of psychedelic, colourful flowers became the norm and it has been the stereotype for many hippy ever since.

The term flower power originated in California in 1965 in an essay by beat poet Allen Ginsberg who said protests should be more like a form of street theatre and advocated giving out masses of fresh flowers, toys, candy and balloons to police and to spread love and peace instead of violent protests.

peace love happiness

Three symbols normally make up flower power images and they are the peace sign, a hand doing the peace sign and of course flowers. Things like rainbows, the word love and smiley faces are often used as well, basically anything that is ‘nice’.

The flower power imagery has been used to great effect to evoke certain time periods and films, most notably in the TV show ‘That 70′s Show’ which often had cut scenes which would be flower power images being put on screen with some ‘groovy’ music to show that the scene was changing.

Nowadays the style is used mainly as a stereotype for the 60′ and 70′s and hippies but you can still find some old school hippy shops and houses that are adorned with lots of flowers and peace signs if you look hard enough. Of course you could always just look at the faux hippy style that goes to Glastonbury every year…

flower power psychadelic

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